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Looking good for search engines

Search Engine Optimization

   Once upon a time there was reciprocal linking and this was a good thing. A site owner or developer would trade links with other sites in the same field but not direct competitors. The more links that pointed to your site the better off you were. But now search engines view this as a means to inflate your page ranking - that is not good.

   In fact, Google has actually gone to war with a company attempting to put that company out of business for making a program that went out into the web in search of sites to trade links with. They have very nearly succeeded.

   So this has become a slippery slope. You need to have other sites link back to yours to show that your site to show that you are an authority in your field. So what needs to happen is to continue to trade links but do so very slowly. And trade with sites that are in your field but not direct competitors.

   We do own the program in question. We will use it if a client insists. But using this program will add significant costs to the web site price and run the risk of being banned by major search engines. We strongly advise against this practice.

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